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The returning of the moon man

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One Autumn evening of the same year, Griffith ‘s family heard a noise, they went to the street and they noticed that a spacecraft departed from London, it would be the first expedition to the moon but It had crashed and an astronaut was Injured so they needed someone to go In his place _ Grandfather didn't let Deal go with them and took the place of the injured man, so he went to the moon. He was there for a long time so Grand married another man, as she believed that her husband would not return from space, and they went to 1954 for they honeymoon.However, Grandfather came back and when e discovered what had happened, he chased them to 1954, where he smashed the Time Machine and imprisoned Grand in a nunnery. 9. Write the names of the characters. Grandfather Griffith; Grand; Deal my father; Browne, the narrator; Mother; Electric Plumber Williams, Uncle Space-ship-Repairs Jones; Auntie Space-ship-Repeals Jones; The Moon Men; Lonely Time Machine. 10.

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